Look, Sound and Feel Amazing online!

Video and Photography projects are a breeze with MyVideo. It’s easy to use and versatile enough to be used anywhere, by anyone! Contact us for more information or a private demonstration. Contact us for more info or a private demonstration.

We offer full consultation services to tailor the right solution for your unique needs in any environment. Our team consists of professional concert technicians with expertise in lighting, sound, and automation. We can also assist with setting up and running online events – large or small. Not only have we made some of the world’s biggest stars look incredible onstage, we make YOU Look, Sound, and Feel Amazing online!

ESS Consultation Services for Virtual business and Virtual Events

Our nationwide network of professional concert technicians will install our bundles for you at your home, your office, or even remotely. With decades of combined experience, our team’s heart is in sharing this technical expertise. While not everyone is looking to have a grandeur stage design, we treat you like the hero of your own production, making sure we help you Own The Spotlight.

First Impressions Are Crucial

You wouldn’t mumble your way through an in-person meeting or show up in wrinkled clothes, so why appear less than perfect when you meet online? Feeling confident in your virtual event helps you enhance those personal connections that could be lost.

Your image is OUR business - we solve all these issues for you and more!

Virtual Meeting Solutions

Virtual events and meetings aren’t going away. Remote meetings are predicted to become more commonplace, and you can’t afford to lose the personal connection with your customers that make all the difference. The right lighting, microphone, and one-touch meeting controls can ensure that you come across organized and confident.

Whether you're selling a new product, making a new business connection, trying to stand out at an event, or a webinar, ESS makes it easy to Look, Sound, and Feel Amazing online.

Please note - we do not provide video call software - there are plenty of virtual meeting platforms out there already! (for example Zoom, GoToMeeting, Cisco Webex, MS Teams, FaceTime, Skype etc.)

Our bundled packages consist of carefully selected, painstakingly tested online meeting accessories designed to work with desktop, laptop, and portable devices:

  • MyOnline Studio is designed for use in a fixed location where you virtually meet with clients, customers, or associates. This bundle is ideal if you spend the majority of your time hosting online meetings and events from your office.
  • MyOnline Portable Pro is for those who are on-the-go and frequently join web meetings from more than one location. This bundle is also ideal for you if you split your time between working remotely and hosting online events from your office.
  • MyOnline Portable is designed for remote workers who frequently join in on meetings and events, but do not host.

Custom Backgrounds

ESS also can provide a custom-designed virtual background for your meeting or event. We use your images, size them correctly for the major video meeting providers (Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.), and add optional logos. We even offer a virtual background subscription to keep your online image fresh! Own the Spotlight today by featuring your business in your virtual background.