Could Remote Work double permanently?

Myra Kressner - March 9th 2021

I recently discovered This company was founded in 2007, so I don't know why I haven't used it before. This is just one more market research resource that large and small businesses can use to establish their own KPI's and standards in a range of categories. It’s also a good source for media and PR firms.

In business, we have increasingly been told to follow the data, rather than "our gut", intuition, or experience. Certainly, the disruption that all businesses and individuals have experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic has generated tremendous short-term and permanent change. The ways we communicate and engage socially--how we conduct business, make sales call, train our employees, demonstrate our new products, attend classes, conduct legal depositions, meet with our therapists and medical doctors, get married, Bar/Bat-Mitzvahed, celebrate holidays, enjoy music and theatre and other cultural events, attend lectures, and on and on and on, is being revolutionized. "Virtual (platforms)", "Remote", "Online", "Zoom" are now part of our lexicon.

The data I’m sharing now relates specifically to the impact on business that has normally conducted business in “the office” and the likelihood of permanent remote office locations, instead. According to a recent report from Upwork, almost 23 percent of departments and work teams in the United States are planning to continue remote work looking five years ahead. Comparing that to the numbers of people working remotely before the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, it's an increase of more than 10 percentage points.

Chart showing percentages of remote work before and after COVID

You will find more infographics at Statista 

In previous posts I’ve shared the pros and cons implications up and down the corporate ladder. How do we effectively communicate when we are not sitting across the desk or face-to face at a trade show? How do HR managers, sales managers, CEO’s establish budgets and innovate new products? How do we form long-term relationships with our colleagues and clients?

It is clear that remote work, and hence more and more virtual meetings and events (including hybrid) are here to stay. ESS has the lighting, audio, visual (camera) and ESS exclusive custom-programmed Stream Deck solutions to make all meetings seamless and professional. Our ESS concert pros bring their expertise to make you "Look, Sound and Feel Amazing"™ online!

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