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Myra Kressner - March 9th 2021

The theme that runs through this week’s blogletter centers around making time for creativity and connecting with each other—inevitably each leads back to the other. As CEO’s, team managers or entrepreneurs, our busy lives will completely take over if we don’t make time for our family, our friends and colleagues and our own personal needs.

The intersection of this pandemic-driven moment in time and technology-solutions keeps us focused on how to use the best of technology while overcoming the pitfalls.

ESS is dedicated to bringing our skills as concert touring professionals to helping improve virtual and remote communication. So, whether you are the CEO, training director or a streamer, we will help you ‘look, sound and feel amazing’.



Virtual Meeting Small Talk

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Make Time for Small Talk in Your Virtual Meetings 

Yes, Zoom fatigue is absolutely real, so how do we solve the dilemma of “water cooler” connecting, socializing and sharing with our colleagues when all meetings are virtual? And most people want to just get on the call, conduct their business, and get off in time to pee before their next zoom call.  Some leaders are determined to bring personal dialogue into scheduled meetings and are very purposefully embracing the typical chit-chat that always accompanies face-to face meetings.

Why not try this and figure out how make it work for your team? Often it is the small talk that triggers unexpected connections leading to new ideas. Not to mention just the humanity of showing you care.....


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Non-time for creativity

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Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Neuroscience All Agree: Your Daily Routine Needs More 'Non-time'

I agree that ‘Non-Time' is really the best time for creativity and productivity. According to The Art of the Impossible author and TED speaker Steven Kotler, ‘non-time’ basically is quiet, alone time. So whether you’re like Albert Einstein, who insisted that many of his best ideas came to him while he was “floating around doing nothing”, or Steven Jobs, who had “long stretches of aimless non-time”, according to Wharton professor and writer Adam Grant, having ‘non-time’ can be the best use of your time! It can be difficult, but like finding time to exercise, figure out the best time in your day for ‘non-time’ creativity.




Business Leadership

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Planning for 2021: 5 key questions leaders are asking

Sam Reese is CEO of Vistage, the world’s largest CEO coaching and peer advisory organization for small and midsize businesses. Over his 35 year career as a business leader, Sam has led large and midsize organizations and has advised CEOs and key executives of companies all over the world.

In this article, Sam very bluntly addresses the challenges and solutions for customers and employee engagement in the current and future environment. It all comes down to communication.


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