ESS’s tribute to contemporary women in and around the entertainment industry

Myra Kressner - Mar 17th 2021

March is Women’s History Month. March 11 was also the one-year anniversary since the pandemic was declared and all our lives changed overnight. Here is ESS’s eclectic tribute to contemporary women in and around the entertainment industry, and recognition of their contribution to making our lives better during COVID-19.


Navigating through the Dark 

Kandi Sepulveda

Image: Kandi Sepulveda

One in four of the live concert and performance technicians who make concert performers Look, Sound and Feel Amazing all over the world are women! Kandi Sepulveda is one of these leaders in her field. And like thousands of her fellow “roadies”, Kandi shares her heartfelt sentiments about finding her way since March 11, 2020 when all their professional and personal lives were turned upside down.

Check out this short preview with Kandi for the documentary chronicling the true story of famed musicians and the relationships they have with their roadies.


Why Gaming is a Perfect Form of Entertainment for Women

Woman holding a gaming controller

Photo by Bruno Henrique from Pexels

I was surprised to discover that a pure techie friend of mine who is VP Technology for a growing retail chain is a huge gamer, and has been for years. My guess is she also wants to look, sound and feel amazing while gaming.


Pandemic-Driven Digital Transformation Opens Door For More Women In Tech

Woman coding at computer

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

ESS is actively pursuing Strategic Partners, Alliances and other Influencers to collaborate with ESS to bring their live performance-inspired products to retail, manufacturing, streamers, educators, medical and legal professionals

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Ground Breaker Tana Douglas

Focussing the lights on stage

Tana Douglas focussing the lights on the stage

This is great advice from “first woman roadie” Tana Douglas for women in any career!

Focus on the details. Learn from every situation that arises. There will be many and they will all be different. Your success will rely on how you fit in as a crew member, not how you stand out as a woman. There is no such thing as a stupid question, as long as you learn from the answer. Embrace change, as there will be a lot of it. The friendships you make on the road will stay with you for your life, so be authentic and true to yourself.


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