Navigating through the dark

Kandi Sepulveda - Mar 14th 2021

Pro Concert Road Crew (Roadies) were hit hard by the pandemic.

What happens when a tower moment crumbles the world? You’re left cleaning through the rubble desperately trying to construct a new way of life.  But when your foundation is utterly destroyed how do you pivot and continue on? Some of us thought ahead and had a plan, financial security, and support. However the majority of us have struggled to just keep our heads above water, desperately reaching out for help, and most of us were left to perish. 

The most valuable skill I learned in the entertainment industry is to always find a way,  no matter the situation. Collectively we are what moves the machine and preserves the beauty of the magic. Traveling in volumes equally compared to small cities of well oiled machines bringing joy to the masses,  moving mountains, making the impossible happen. 

Unfortunately we’ve been ripped away from one another, leaving us completely lost--having to bear the brunt of watching our families succumb to the darkness of loneliness, depression, addictions, and suicide. 

 I wish I possessed the answers and cure for the pain and struggles these  beautiful souls needed. However what I do have is Love, and an assembly of brilliant individuals who have access to solutions. Having that networks’ supportive backing  through the woes of the current narrative we are living in today is a blessing.  

The Roadie Clinic ( and ESS ("Look, Sound and Feel Amazing" anywhere online!)  are a few examples of the companies that are helping the community of entertainment professionals today. I encourage those who are curious to know more,  want/need help, reach out to companies like these soon. 

I know If we continue to check on one another, offer that listening ear, and extend our collection of resources, we will thrive and have the tools we need to navigate through the dark and shine once more.  

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