Now in stock! Solve your Virtual Meeting Woes on the move with the Portable Pro

 ESS MyOnline Portable Pro with Stream Deck Mini, Lume Cube light and Lapel Mic

This package includes everything you need  to make you Look, Sound and Feel Amazing when traveling, moving around your house or using your laptop in different locations.  With quality, portability and ease of use the first priority, we researched and included only the best options available.  The Portable Pro assures enhanced lighting, clearer voice and video projection, image building backgrounds and pre-programmed, easy to use fingertip controls.

All bundled in a special ESS-designed case (8.6" x 5.3" x 3.5") that easily fits in your backpack, bag or briefcase. It’s TSA-friendly so you can carry it on, or pack it safely in checked luggage.

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