Remote Work and Virtual Job Fairs

Myra Kressner - July 17th 2021


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Employers and Workers Embrace Remote Solutions Which Bring Us Back-to-Work

I run a Share Group for owners and operations executives in on-premise (restaurants) and off-premise (stores) food retail channels. A recent meeting (virtual, of course) focused on the dire situation they all faced - hiring and retaining store-level staff, as well as the impact of supply chain/distribution disruption.

One tactic increasingly being deployed are weekly virtual job fairs. This webinar from Boise State provides excellent tips reinforcing the essentials on good lighting, audio, camera and background for anyone participating in any virtual/remote interview or meeting



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Tips for Participating in a Virtual Job Fair

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Here are some resources for employers participating in virtual job fairs


What if you're conducting your own virtual job interviews?

The ESS MyVideo GO Case is a great solution:


Enhanced Human Resource Capability - ESS MyVideo GO Case








Quit Longtime Job/Career and Find Happiness in a New Job/Career?

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Why are so many workers leaving their jobs or careers? For some, the solution for personal satisfaction at work, fair compensation for perceived value and work/life balance is being answered with one word: Remote. This could mean leaving a longtime job for a new career or switching from one longtime career to another.

Surbhi S. from the Key Differences website provides a concise explanation/definition of job vs career:

Difference Between Job and Career -

Source: Key Differences website: 
Difference Between Job and Career (with Comparison Chart) - Key Differences

This discussion goes beyond the need to work remotely due to COVID-19 pandemic. Post-pandemic, it’s an undeniable trend that workers are choosing to pro-actively change jobs or careers so that they can work remotely--either entirely or partially. 

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