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Myra Kressner - Jan 5th 2022

Whichever side of the “Great Resignation” you fall, the need for training will increasingly be required in just about every industry.

So, whether employees are changing jobs that require new skills in the same company, changing companies, or moving to a completely new industry that requires new skills, all new hires in retail, restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, even the trucking industry (hello supply chain backups), in fact any industry, need to be trained for retention and career success.

Essentially, this requires speedy and quality training for hundreds or even thousands of new employees in hundreds, or thousands of locations.

Retail Associates in online training
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eLearning and various forms of digital training are increasingly the preferred method of training, in place of traditional classroom training.


Article #1

It’s not just me saying this. Wall Street Journal’s November 27, 2021 Workplace Technology article makes the case that there’s a fundamental shift in how companies train their employees.

How the Covid-19 Pandemic Changed Employee Training. Say goodbye to the classroom. Companies are now figuring out how to best use technology to make sure workers learn—and retain—what they need to know


Article #2

To meet this exploding need, ESS and RTO (Ready Training Online) have partnered to provide HR, training and operations managers flexible production options, as well as a full range of customizable digital and elearning training modules.



Exclusively designed by our touring performance experts, ESS MyVideo ROAD Case “video studio in a box” helps any business create their own high quality, customized training videos more efficiently in almost any location, and for any location.

RTO’s trainingGrid™ LMS platform comprehensive training and reporting tool is designed to simplify employee training, equipped with real-time tracking and reporting.


Article #3

One-out-of-three Frontline Employees Want More Training and Skill Development

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According to October 2021 Progressive Grocer, retail associates, grocery workers, contact center agents and delivery drivers are difficult to reach with traditional courses and training programs. And heavy turnover in front-line roles often makes training less of a priority. Based on this year’s findings, internal skill development remains inconsistent but is in demand.

Over one-third of employees say they only receive training during big job changes like transfers and promotions (36%) and nearly one-quarter reported rarely or never receiving additional training (20%). Only half of retail workers and less than two-thirds of grocery workers get the opportunity to take on new responsibilities and advance their careers. When front-line employees were asked what would motivate them to stay at a company, one-third said more career advancement opportunities (34%) and access to more training and skill development (32%).”

This is also true for longterm career development and ‘reskilling’

The Hybrid remote/office environment lends itself to a range of digital solutions and training tools for employees requesting and requiring career development from their home and/or office.

In research conducted by IBM, employees were 42% more likely to remain with a company long-term if they received training that helped them perform their work at a higher level. Straight-line career mapping and general succession planning do not take into account the reskilling environment. A Gartner report showed that 33% of the skills listed in a typical job posting in 2017 were no longer necessary in 2021. Today’s pace of change has rendered some skills irrelevant, and this requires companies to help their employees keep up.


The ESS MyVideo GO Case, designed for ultimate mobility and portability, is ideal for livestream training to and from any location.


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