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Myra Kressner - Feb 24th 2021

Welcome to the ESS blog and newsletter. We will attempt to inform and entertain you with insights and thought-provoking perspectives on how we all will communicate in our quickly changing world. Having integrated the world of concert professionals with business experts, ESS brings our live entertainment audio, visual and production expertise to a much broader spectrum of marketers, businesses and industries, large and small--so everyone can Look, Sound and Feel Amazing!

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Tech in an office

The office is not dead. Here’s why


I agree with the growing acceptance that hybrid versions of remote, Work From Home and Face-to-Face collaboration are the answer. They can, and must, co-exist. I am constantly reminded that most of my personal success has come from in-person networking that formed relationships that have lasted for decades. New, truly viable options in office design and remote sharing technology are being devised and presented every day. Let's take advantage of the value-add this brings our personal lives, our environment, our shared humanity and our business opportunities. It is incumbent upon business leaders to take the time to learn and understand what solutions are best for their company.

No doubt, the Ying & Yang needs and solutions for virtual and face-to-face will evolve. Let's embrace the solutions that will improve productivity, and also bring us back together, but under a bigger tent!



ESS helps you look, sound and feel amazing online!

Rapid Transformation: Touring Production Professionals Pivot To Create A Successful Streaming Operation - ProSoundWeb



I suggested to my ESS colleagues the other day that maybe we should offer a Working Mom promotion


But Craig Carlson's reply (sent with a smile emoji) that he knows mostly Working Dads, made me think about the mostly men touring performance specialists that are home now instead of doing what they love. Being new to this world, I do have to say that Kandi Sepulveda, the only other female on this ESS management team, is phenomenal and incredibly customer-focused.

And when Tom Evans was helping me plan for this blog and newsletter, we talked about how much he and his fellow concert video, audio and technical production experts miss their friends and the world that they love.

So Craig, Tom, Rob, Andrew, Kandi and John--I apologize if I was insensitive. I can't imagine if my clients, the opportunity to do what I love, and support my family just disappeared overnight. I have so much respect for the way you bring your expertise to create solutions for a whole new world. Thank you for making the rest of us "Look, Sound and Feel Amazing Online"


Empty Conference Room

Covid-19 Vaccines Aren’t Yet Luring Workers Back to the Office


How quickly will the vaccine bring workers into the office, trade shows, malls, restaurants, movies, gyms, ? When do you think live concerts and theater will return? When will you feel safe?



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