Why did Pro Concert Technicians pivot to fix Virtual Meeting Woes?

Why did Pro Concert Technicians pivot to fix Virtual Meeting Woes?

Estimates Predict 30% of US Workforce Working from Home in 2021


Nashville, TN, October 12, 2020-- In March 2020, industry associations and media companies around the world were abruptly forced to cancel live trade shows and conferences. All face-to-face sales calls immediately stopped. These days, it seems like everyone is in Zoom meetings, or using some form of virtual meeting platform for business and personal use. Does the way we look and sound on these video calls matter?


Yes! Of course it matters. The impression we make on video calls with our boss, co-workers, clients and peers now enhances or negates our in-person chemistry and charm. So we’d better make our video image and brand memorable—in a good way!


According to Global Workplace Analytics, 82% of U.S. office workers say they want to continue to work from home, at least weekly, when the pandemic is over.


When COVID-19 struck in March 2020, Robert Flood, a live performance automation expert, saw the Live Event Industry completely shut down, impacting thousands of other touring crew members. Over the next few months, Robert saw the transformation to online business meetings impacting everyone in all industries. This leads to a new requirement for quality online image and presentations. So Robert created ESS. Robert and other live concert and performance technicians bring their audio, lighting and video expertise to Executive Stream Solutions with turn-key meeting solutions.

Robert Flood, touring automation expert

"ESS is an incredible re-invention story," says Robert Flood. "The live performance industry shut down back in March and thousands of professional technicians in audio, lighting, video, staging, logistics were out of work overnight. At the same time, the virtual experience exploded—and is now the preferred way that business communicates. So ESS’ professional technicians provide exactly what’s needed to improve the virtual experience".


Every aspect of video conferencing, from virtual trade shows and conferences to sales presentations and performance reviews, is growing in every industry and social experience. According to John Flood, Robert’s father, with over 40 years of business experience, "The medical field is conducting virtual office visits, all levels of government and legislature are conducting virtual hearings, online learning is exploding, financial service companies are conducting client account reviews, just to name a few. We believe that every industry has a need for professional and scalable virtual meeting packages. Our solutions allow everybody to control and enhance how they present themselves online."


Recent statistics state that a typical employer can save about $11,000/year for every person who works remotely half of the time. - U.S. Office of Management and Budget


Tom Evans, FOH Engineer

According to Tom Evans, ESS partner and Sound Engineer / Production Manager / Tour Manager for over 20 years with clients that include Eagles, Don Henley, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Snow Patrol and many more. "Before COVID-19, no one expected to be delivering speeches, sales presentations or run board meetings virtually from their office, living room, or hotel room. Having been involved in hundreds of live productions, I understand the importance of visual and audio presentation. If you can’t hear someone clearly, then what they’re saying is lost. If you can’t see them clearly, then the personal connection is lost. ESS provides a critical solution for everyone who needs to impress in their online delivery."


56% of the U.S. workforce holds a job that is compatible (at least partially) with remote work. Source: Global Workplace Analytics


ESS has extensively researched and tested the video conference audio, lighting and camera products available to offer a range of cost-effective turnkey packages. Each package includes appropriate, adaptable and space-efficient components plus ESS proprietary pre-programmed meeting management plug-ins, and virtual backgrounds for home/office or travel use that meet their quality standards.


Robert says "We make it easy for anyone uncomfortable with adding new hardware or installing software. ESS offers a Professional Installation service, where a Concert Technician will install everything, ensuring your settings are tailored to make you "Look, Sound and Feel Amazing"™ wherever you are. This also allows us to fulfil our mission to support out-of-work touring personnel and their families."


Employees can save between $2,500 and $4,000 a year (working remotely half the time) and even more if they are able to move to a less expensive area and work remotely full time. Source: Global Workplace Analytics


"With new technology comes new opportunities," says ESS partner and virtual event producer Andrew O’Keefe. "Our turnkey packages empower everybody to create a more dynamic and engaging virtual experience in any context, even without any previous technical experience."


In March 2020, industry associations and media companies around the world were abruptly forced to cancel live trade shows and conferences. All face-to-face sales calls immediately stopped. Every business has needed to adapt and find creative ways to tell their story, sell their products and create a connection using a virtual platform," says Myra Kressner, ESS Partner and B2B marketing expert. "It’s in everyone’s best interest to have a turn-key service or package for people not trained in "virtual performance" to help them deliver a professional and compelling video/virtual experience as easily and affordably as possible."


Kandi Sepulveda wearing a comms headset and carrying a hi-tech video camera.

"The ESS road crew of installation technicians have always loved the creativity of creating audio and visual effects that connect with an audience" says ESS partner Kandi Sepulveda, who toured with Paul McCartney, Pearl Jam, Madonna, Drake and Zac Brown Band. "Our unique team of professional technicians really like the idea of expanding our expertise now into the video conferencing world."


A major motivation for ESS is their mission to support the professional touring crew members who saw their livelihoods turned upside down due to COVID-19. ESS is dedicating 10% of their net profits to The Clinic, a "Roadie Advocacy Group" whose mission is to empower & heal Roadies and their families by providing resources and services tailored to the struggles of the touring lifestyle. According to Courtney Klimson, The Clinic Co-Founder and CEO, "ESS is being led by a dream-team of technicians, roadies-on-pause, and I know that clients will be thrilled when they see the difference this group can make. I look forward to caring for these people (and their families!) when touring starts up again. And I’m absolutely floored by their generosity. I'm beyond grateful that they chose us as their beneficiary."


"Executive Stream Solutions is the consummate re-invention story with a solution to fill the void", says Robert Flood. "Just as we did for world-class performers, Executive Stream Solutions can make any virtual image look, sound and feel amazing™."



For more information please contact:


John Flood - Partner and Managing Director
Ph: (912) 230-7056
Email: john@ess.rocks


Myra Kressner - President, Kressner Strategy Group
Ph: 917-837-4058
Email: myra@kressnerstrategygroup.com


ESS Website and Store: https://ess.rocks

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