ESS Consulting Services

We are the Experts!

Our nationwide network of professional concert technicians are some of the very best in the entertainment industry. We’ve worked with top performing artists to make them look and sound incredible, and now we’re at YOUR service! We’ll set you up to "Look, Sound and Feel Amazing"™

Custom Packages and Installations

Beyond the bundles available on our website, ESS will customize turnkey solutions designed specifically for your company’s virtual and video needs. We can also create custom solutions for your home office, small and large scale conference rooms, hotel meeting space, even commercial kitchens and production facilities.

Video Conference Room
Person attending an Online Event

Virtual Event Production

ESS offers hands-on, completely turn-key virtual event production. We can also facilitate a hybrid combination of on-premise, in-person and virtual experiences. Our services include pre-production, production and post-production.

Virtual Event Consulting

Already have an event staff but need guidance and direction for the virtual and video execution? We can advise and train best practices for your particular event, from platform to production.

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