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Introducing ESS

Meet the concert professionals who want you to “Look, Sound and Feel Amazing" online!

Before Covid, our lives were all about making performing artists, some of the biggest on tour, all over the world, look amazing. Not only did Covid change our lives, it has changed the face of business as technology and video conferencing is replacing many in person meetings. Many businesses have the software, they simply need help with the image they are now projecting. Your image is our business! 


Why we give back: The Roadie Clinic

Supporting and helping others is part of our DNA. The concert touring industry, and those who work in it have been severely impacted, with no idea on when they will return to work. ESS has partnered with The Roadie Clinic to support road crew.


The MyOnline Studio and Portable Pro bundles

Our MyOnline bundles help you easily "Look, Sound and Feel Amazing" online! Whether you're in virtual meetings, live streaming or appearing online, these turnkey solutions are simple to use, with stunning results. 


MyVideo ROAD Case (short version)

The need to hire outside video & photographers is over!

Producing high-quality videos, photos, interviews and livestreams are a breeze with the MyVideo ROAD Case and MyVideo GO Case. They're portable, all-in-one solutions designed by pro touring concert technicians. Incredibly easy and versatile enough to be used anywhere, by anyone.

Check them out now!


MyVideo ROAD Case


ROAD Case Testimonial

Watch Arthur King (Ultimate Sales VP) show how he uses the MyVideo ROAD Case in their kitchen!


IFMA Webinar

Our recent webinar attended by over a hundred foodservice executives showed how ESS professional concert technicians can help solve technical and logistical issues that food manufacturers have when creating digital content in-house.

We’ve condensed the webinar into this short informational video loaded with audio and visual tips from ESS concert pros for creating your own in-house digital content.